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tv   Early Start with Christine Romans and Dave Briggs  CNN  April 27, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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the 181 s&p 500 companies that have reported, 77% have >> but they do need tax reform. >> they do need we'll tax reform. >> "early start" continues right now. a flurry of activity as the white house plows toward the 100 day mark. major changes on nafta, taxes, health care, government funding, all coming down last couple of hours. we'll try and break it down for you. welcome to "early start." i'm dave briggs. >> and i'm christine romans. it is thursday, april 27, 5:00 a.m. in the east. breaking overnight, president trump announcing that he will not withdraw from the north american free trade agreement after all. the president repeatedly slammed nafta as a raw deal for american workers, but in phone calls mr.
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trump said he wanted to improve nafta, not scrap it. he said it is my privilege to bring nafta up-to-date through renegotiation. i believe that the end result will make all three countries stronger and better. >> president trump has already withdrawn the u.s. from another trade pact, the transpacific partnership. the president's decision to stay with nafta came hours after a senior administration official said the white house was considering pulling out of the trade accord. top republicans reacted to that news by warning it would be a disastrously bad reckless idea. trade is now a developing theme in this white house, a keep focal point of a war room has been set up, the president expected to make more trade moves this week and well ybeyon. >> a group of reporters taken into that room and shown the progress. the short list of tax goodies
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with few goodetails. but the president's top money men say it will become a plan and it will not explode the debt. >> this isn't going to be easy. doing big things never is. we will be attacked from the left and we will be attacked from the right. but one thing is certain, i would never ever bet against this president. he will get this done for the american people. >> this will pay for itself with growth and with reduction of different deductions and closing loopholes. >> there are some hard numbers including cuts to both individual and business tax rates. white house officials could not answer what it means for a family of four making $60,000, but they did release tax brackets saying it would lower individual rates for all americans, the number of brark k brackets would shrink from 7 to 3. no income levels yet though. the white house wants to double
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the standard deduction, that means couples would not pay taxes on the first 24 grand in income. also this white paper, this outline calls for eliminating most deductions with some exceptions. the very popular breaks for your mortgage interest, charitable donations and retirement savings. for businesses, top rate drops to 15%, there is a bon time tsi on bringing cash back to the u.s. from overseas accounts. no word on what that rate will be or if there will be a mechanism to make sure that the companies spend the cash on job creation and don't just give it back to the shareholders. we hahave seen those tax holida before and they have created zero jobs. there must be a meck nick to make sure that the money goes to the economy and not the stock market. they also want relief for child care. a lot of talk about the amt, getting rid of the amt.
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and questions quite frankly about what this all would mean for donald trump's personal financial situation. a lot of these things would benefit him, too. >> but you wonder about the opt on tic opticses, if i'm in middle class america, what does it mean for me. but let's hope our good friend can help us break it down in washington. our current tax code is more than 74,000 pages. this baby as romans pointed out is one page. we're not going to comb through all the questions we have, but what are the politics of this as we approach a bill coming through? >> well, the reaction from the hill hats sort of been to be quite frank thanks but no thanks. it is very much a rough arc if he can chur as christine aptly laid out. it's one page, it is not reform. it is a number of cuts. and the reaction from the hill where keep in mind, this is from
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republicans and democrats. they have been trying to pass tax reform a long time on the hill. and they have gone through several iterations of this it. and there are some things that paul ryan the speaker of the house who tax reform and economic policies are sort of his baby. there are things in thatare thi that he has wanted for some time. so after the obamacare sort of flameout before recess, the white house said they wanted to take a more active role in leading the policy making progress, but congress is seeing this as an interfering as opposed to actually being substantively helpful in terms of what they want to draft. and then ultimately vote on. >> i've been waiting my whole career for real tax reform. the last time we did it was 19867 and ilg19 86 and it's hard because when you cut a corporate tax rate, that means you have to get rid of loopholes and that means some companies would pay more. a 15% tax rate would actually
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increase for some about that . d and that is why there is so much lobbying around it. former director of the cbo, a republican, he's worked for republican presidents, proposing trillions of dollars in cash cuts and casually inserting that it would pay for itself with growth is detached from empirical reality. a real tax reform plan would include specifics on how to broaden the tax base, not leave that hard work to congress. a responsible tax plan would not ignore the threat of increasing a national debt that is already on an unsustainable court. that is review from a republican budget wonk. democrats will spin this as a magical math tour that just benefits the rich. everyone with a tax cut we're told from secretary movnuchin, t i think the democrats will focus
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on the richl he here. >> absolutely. and as we said before, without donald trump's tax returns, that will be a huge liability for republicans. even without them, we know that donald trump is a wealthy plan and we've seen glimpses of his tax returns in the past. and if you have a tax cut package that looks like it benefits the we would any, they are going to portray it as donald trump as we saw in the late night clips, it would be portrayed as trump trying to n benefit himself and people like him. so republicans will know that democrats will come ut with that against them. there is a bit of gamesmanship that always comes to play in this time of politicking. but it's certainly a liability so republicans would be wise to sort of preemptively shore up that line of attack because you're right, democrats are always going to come out swinging going and say this is some sort of corporate cronyism that did not help middle class america. >> and when you get into the
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weeds of this, with no democrat being support, that means they needreconciliation, which means it can have no impact on the deficit, which is also impossible. they also are looking to health care. what are you hearing? >> it's interesting. it has always been this sort of really delicate balancing act where like you have conservatives over here and moderates over here and if the pendulum goes too far this way, you lose the other side. so we have agreement in principle with many of the conservatives, we talked a lot about the freedom caucus, this group of a couple dozen or so republican members of congress, they actually now agree to this amendment negotiated over recess with a member of the moderate group, but the rest -- this member that negotiated it was always a yes on the deal. the rest of the group is saying
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it's now getting farther for them and it's more difficult and over recess they faced the angry town halls of folks upset about the idea of losing pre-existing conditions. so while you have some movement, it's not clear that this is a breakthrough that is actually going to get to the magic number of passing. >> but to be clear, they wouldn't lose coverage, they could be charged more if they have pre-existing conditions if their state applies for and gets a waiver. >> a waiver that would not be allowed for members of congress who would be exempted from it, which is terrible. we have donald trump the president now at 44% approval righting. you can see how that stacks unit of all the other presidents at their 100 days. and we're told we got a little tour, behind the scenes tour from someone close to the commander in chief of this war room about the first 100 day activity where they are trying to really stack up some priorities and some wins here,
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aren't they. >> yeah, it's kind of funny. i'm sure this is played every first 100 days, but from one side of the mouth they are saying 100 days false emarker, doesn't matter, but on the other side, look how much we've accomplished. i think to a certain extent the sort of grade you will give the president kind of depends on your view. if you oppose him, you will look at it and say look, no major legislative accomplishments, that is very much unlike some of his predecessors who managed to pulled off their signature issue in those first 100 days. at the same time, if you're part of his base, you may look at some of these executive orders on immigration especially that sort of made an impact right away. he's not pulling out of nafta which does renig a bit on some of his promises that he made on the trail, but he does say that he will renegotiate it. so you see action in the areas that he ahe talked about acting.
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so it's a bit of a choose your own news kind of situation. but the white house certainly has bullet let poinpoints they to claim a list of accomplishments. >> their choose your news is tax cuts lead to big growth, tax cuts are a job creator. but we know that it can lead to big debt. >> and we hear he would also like to break up the ninth sir consult. we'll ask you about that in about 30 minutes. thank you.we'll ask you about t about 30 minutes. thank you. haurm lawmakers for more an have that reaction next. p to 2 , 3 terrible two's, and a one-coat wonder named "grams". it survived multiple personalities, 3 staycations,
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the entire senate went to the white house to hear about a range ever options for dealing with kim jong-un and his nuclear ambitions. lawmakers left wishing for more specifics, many saying little new information emerged. we learned that the u.s. is considering them putting on the list of state run terrorism. let's go live over to seoul. >> yeah, that is one of the options that white house officials have talked about, something that the soeecretary state rex tillerson has talked about before. the united states is looking for any approach that it could take in dealing with north korea, reining in the regime when it comes to their nuclear intentions. you have heard top trump administration officials saying repeatedly that this era of strategic patience is over, that a jen with race of policies have failed, it is due for a new and different approach. but it continues to beg the question what approach is new or
2:17 am
different. you have seen the tensions rise here. the u.s. has has upped its ante with the redeployment of warships to the waters off the peninsula, the docking of a powerful submarine and decision to move forward with this controversial missile defense system that will likely be operational within a matter of days according to the commander of u.s. pacific command. but what we learned from that meeting that the senators were called to came from the secretary of state and secretary of defense who spoke afterwards saying that the goal of the u.s. remains the denuclearization of the peninsula and that the u.s. is working closely with its partners in the region to apply pressure in terms of economic pressure and diplomatic sanctions. of course we know u.s. is looking at china for leverage. it is china that has the most important economic relationship with north korea. again the secretary of state and secretary of defense also reaffirming the fact that they are working with allies like south korea and japan.
2:18 am
that is not a new or different approach, but it is in line with what we've been hearing from the top officials as they have visited the region. >> china is north korea's neighbor and north korea's banker and north korea's purse. so obviously there is a lot of pressure to be had there. thank you so much for that alexandra field. president trump giving the pentagon the power to set troop levels in the fight against isis and iraq and syria. the delegation of authority allows against secretary james mattis to determine if more troops are needed to back up operations. pentagon officials say the decision does not change the current troop deployment numbers just yet. let's do some sports next. think of a super bowl where every time gets to play. that is the nfl draft. that kicks off tonight in prime time. andy scholes with the details in this morning's bleacher report.
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go irish! see that? yes! i'm gonna just go back to doing what i was doing. find your awesome with the xfinity x1 voice remote. time for some sports. celtics have now won three in a row, are one away from advancing to the conference semifinals. >> andy scholes has more in this morning's bleacher repo er rore. >> what a difference a week makes. they were in a panic after losing two straight, but all is well after their third straight win. isaiah thomas arriving to the arena with his son. check it out. his son looked like he was ready to play. i'm sure he was proud of dad after this one, the 5'9" thomas with huge buckets down the
2:24 am
stretch to lead the celtics to the win. and bulls head coach understandably not very happy after this game. >> did you see isaiah carry the ball at all in about this game? >> no. >> well, tonight is the first round of the nfl draft. this year it's taking place in philly right on the iconic rocky balboa steps. cleveland browns have the first overall pick. the draft will start at 8:00 eastern. each time getting ten minutes to make their pick in round one. and one prospect to look out for is michigan tight end jake butt. when your last name is butt, what would be a perfect endorsement deal for you? toilet paper of course. charmin signing them to aen doorsment dean endorsement deal and they sent hirm him a dump truck of day let paper. and a week long trip
2:25 am
includes holding a practice, the team visiting the vatican yesterday taking in pope francis s francis' weekly address. coach harbaugh gave the pope a wolverines helmet and brand new pair of custom michigan jordan shoes. harbaugh saying this has been the experience of my life time. and my question is, do you think pope francis is going to wear those jordans? >> i think he's balling in those size 1111s. >> all right. thank, andy. white house looking to help the president round up some wins. a flurry of new activity. we'll have the details next.
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while you were sleeping, big changes to nafta, taxes, health care, government funding. as the administration proposals the 100 day mark. welcome back to "early start." >> the new york "post" phrases it taxes chain saw massacre. we will get more into the tax reform or is it just tax cuts in just a minute. >> breaking overnight, president trump announcing he will not withdraw from the north american free trade agreement after all. >> the president repeatedly slammed nafta on the campaign trail as a raw deal for american workers, but in phone calls to canada's prime minister and mexico's president, mr. trump says he wanted to improve nafta insteadping it. >> he said it is my privilege to bring nafta up-to-date through renegotiation. i believe that the end result will make all three countries stronger and better.
2:31 am
the president trump has already withdrawn the u.s. from the transpacific partnership. >> the president's decision to stay with nafta came hours after a senior administration official said the white house was considering pulling out of the trade accord. top republicans warned it would be a disastrously bad reckless idea. trade is now a developing theme in this white house. a key focal point of a war room that has now been set up, the president expected to make more moves on trade this week and wie we'll be on. the man who won't release his tax returns wants on to cut your taxes. but his tough economic advisors can't say what it means for a family of four $60,000. steve mnuchin says there are certain aspect that the president considers nonnegotiable. >> the core principles of this, we've been meeting with the house and senate they agree 100%. core businesses make business
2:32 am
rates competitive, bring back trillions of dollars to create jobs, simplify personal taxes, create a middle income tax cut. so those core principles are nonnegotiable. and that is something that we all feel strongly about. >> they are promising tax cuts for everyone, but from the details we do have, the list could be a big boon to the wealthiest americans, possibly even president trump himself because elimination wants to eliminate many that hit the wealthy, such as estate tax. repeal a tax on the rich that sus subsidizes obamacare costs baan limit naturing the alternative minimum tax. in fact, the amt is something that trump himself has paid. information from his leaked 2005 returns show that without the amt, trump would have paid only
2:33 am
$5.3 million in taxes that year instead of the $37 million that he did. so the president himself may fair better under those proposals. at least in theory, we don't know for sure since he will not release his tax he retureturns. and steve mnuchin says he won't. >> ain't happening. >> and i want to on stay on taxes for just a minute. gary cohn was asked about a family of four making 60 th$60, year. i want you to listen. >> middle class families watching this tonight on this news, a family of four median income $60,000, what does it mean for them? >> going to be a tax cut. >> how much? >> going to mean a tax cut. you're asking the same question we got asked over here. we will let you know the
2:34 am
specific details at the appropriate moment. we are in very robust discussions with the senate, with the house leadership. they are progressing very quickly. and we will continue to give you more details as we have them. >> some would say that the detild details were forthcoming about companies and the tax on the wealthy for their investment, but not for the middle class. >> yeah, the white house is sort of trying to have it both ways here. they want to look like they are driving this ship and they are, you know, releasing this plan that will be the skeleton of whatever comes out of the house and senate. at the same time, they are sort of ducking on the details and saying that will be left up to legislators. folks in congress don't fully appreciate this approach and certainly the details are important. and when you throw in the backdrop as you mentioned of the fact that trump is not releasing his own tax returns and so it
2:35 am
calls into question, you know, how would his plan impact mt himself, his children, folks like him, that will be a line of attack from the democrats. and so when you put all that together, it's a bit difficult to really take this package fully seriously because already you hear rumblings from are his own party in the house and senate saying this is not what we want our starting point to be. >> that's what i want to ask you about because there is un verlgs controversial agreement that we need to simplify the tax code. what might the opposition be from the right? >> when you say opposition from the right, just like obamacare, the right is not united on this. we've talked a lot -- i feel bad there are a lot of acronyms and j j terms about, changing the way exports are taxed, it's sort of
2:36 am
paul ryan's baby in a way and we don't see that in this tax 34r57b and the 34r5 plan and there are folks that are happy that it is not in this tax plan. so even when we say it's red meat first base, it's not entirely clear that you can even get the entire republican caucus on the same page with tax reform which again, if this were easy, past congresses might have done it. >> totally. hasn't been done since 1986 for a reason because it is so darn hard and it is so complicated. and there are -- remember, one in five big companies pay no tax. so there is profit that has been made in a very convoluted tax system. what i'm really concerned about, what i really want to know for sure is if they allow companies to bring back their foreign accounts overseas, if they allow them to bring that back, how do you make sure it just doesn't go into share buy backs and dividends for shareholders which
2:37 am
is what wall street would like to see and how do you make sure it actually creates jobs. i don't know how you make -- that's a real challenge because this white house has said they are the champion of the little guy. if you give the big guys more money, which stock markets are reflecting that they are expecting more money, you can't he make the big guys bigger. >> no question about that. but another comp oncomplicated s that of nafta. o what are the politics here and what will his base feel if in fact we do stay in? >> trying to prognosticate about where donald trump's base will go is a little bit difficult. there are certainly things that his opponents have pointed to and said look, this is a complete violation of whatd on . his base seems to be sticking with him and voted for him not because of specific policy proposals, but because they trusted trump to make the right decision. now, nafta was one of his
2:38 am
signature issues. you can count on one hand the number of things that from the beginning of his campaign to the end he sort of consistently came back to and trade was absolutely one of them. and he's caused itlled it a raw. so not surprising that he's not tearing it up because the second that trial balloon was floated, there was swift anding a agre reaction from his own party. so this is a compromise position to say that we will renegotiate it. but he's going to have to have something to show for this at least by midterms and certainly by his re-election campaign to keep his base happy. it may get him off the hook for now, but you can't just say we'll renegotiate it and at the end of the day end up with the same thing to fulfill what he promised on the campaign trail. >> and you've been writing about this federal judge that blocked the trump administration on some of the enforcements of sanctuary cities, taking away funds from
2:39 am
sanctuary cities. that is another thing if you're looking at that wall in the war room, in the white house that shows your 100 days, on the sanctuary cities, the president trump has been rebuff you had aga again and again. >> it's a really interesting issue because the language from the white house has been threatening and they say we want to take away many federal funds as punishment. but the terks xt of the order h signed pointed to this obscure piece of law that most cities say they comply with already and is not really what they go after when they target sanctuary cities. so that is all to say that the judge once again as we saw with the travel ban, the judge sort of threw that in the face of the government's lawyers who got up there and said, you know, it's actually a fairly narrow thing, we're not going to pull all federal funds and the judge said
2:40 am
quoting sean spicer in his opinion and quoting the president that's now how you've you described this. and so we see the president once again holding up the judiciary as sort of a punching bag and opponent which certainly could fire up his base. and this will continue to move forward, but it's a fascinating example of how the courts are taking his very robust public record and using it statement against the laws he's signing. >> and now the suggestion according to reports that he's looking at ways to break up the ninth circuit. so this is far from done. thanks for being with us from d.c. this morning. with the health care battle brewing, all eyes are on moderate house republicans now after the hard right house freedom caucus voted to back a deal on repeal and replace. the latest draft amendment hammered out by leaders for the moderates and conservatives have allowed states to seek waivers to weaken obamacare reforms, notably protecting people with
2:41 am
reexi pre-existing conditions can. >> but there are reasons to be skept cals. moderates are not lining up behind their leader. one telling cnn i spent the whole work period hearing from people pissed about pre-existing conditions. this isn't helpful. >> in ordmoderates have to deci which is worse, back loosh for voting for the new bill or not voting for it. still the white house is projecting confidence here. chief of staff reince priebus says they would get there soon, but couldn't exactly say when. the u.s. considering putting north korea back on the list of terror sponsors. what did lawmakers learn from closed door briefings on the nuclear threat? inkle creams bele the more mysterious they sound, the more... powerful you'll think they are. it's time to see what power really looks like. new neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair with accelerated retinol sa.
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plenty of tough talk, but not a ton of substance.
2:46 am
that's how several members of the senate described an unusual briefing they received about the threat from north korea. the entire senate bussed to the white house to hear about a range of options for dealing with kim jong-un and his nuclear ambitions. lawmakers left wishing for more specifics. many saying little new information emerged. one thing we did learn, the u.s. is considering putting north korea back on the list of state sponsors of terrorism. that is according to senior white house officials. let's check on how that is going over in pyongyang. let's bring in alexandra field. i guess the question some are asking, out were they ever off that list. >> reporter: that was a decision that was made under president george bush in 2008 and it was seen as a way to accelerate or move toward talks to freeze the nuclear program, to negotiate a freeze to the nuclear program. obviously that fell apart. this idea of putting them back on the list is something that
2:47 am
does continue to resurface. it is seen as one diplomatic option as of course everyone is looking for economic actions that can be taken as well, the strengthening of sanctions. when you talk about these kinds of things, terror watch list, more sanctions, it will sound familiar because these aren't exactly new or nofrl vel or different proposals of dealing with north korea on. you have heard the trump administration say that the era of strategic patience when it comes to north korea is over. and that all options would be on the table which is why everyone has been looking to washington and wondering what move would be next. in the last few weeks, we have seen a build up of military assets in the region, movement of the u schlt sch"uss carl vi, docking of a powerful submarine and decision to move forward as quickly as possible with the deployment of this controversial missile defense system that is right now being installed here on the peninsula.
2:48 am
so for anyone looking for a new approach, that's not what the world is hearing. you have the secretary of state and secretary of defense saying after that meeting in about washington that the strategy right now, that the goal for the trump administration is to achieve the denuclearization of the peninsula and ratchet down the tensions by working with partners to strengthen sanctions and look for economic and diplomatic measures here. that is everyone's first choice option. >> a lot of maneuvers, but still the dynamics remain the same. alex field live for us in seoul. thank you. president trump giving the pentagon the power to set troop levels in the fight against isis in iraq and syria. it allows defense sect james mattis to determine if more u.s. troops are needed to retake raqqah and syria.sect james mattis to determine if more u.s. troops are needed to retake raqqah and syria. pentagon officials say it does not change current troop deployment numbers. let's take a look at what is coming up on "new day."
2:49 am
allison, not much to talk about as usual. >> my head is exploding, that's how much that we have to absorb are and talk about. and we have some very interesting guests. we have the lawmaker who is trying to come up with the compromise for health care reform. so tom mcarthur will tell us about the amendment that might just be that magical middle ground between the conservatives and the moderates to help them somehow repeal or reform obamacare. and then we also are going to have one of the men central to the investigations into on the allegations of trump campaign ties to russia. and that is carter page. he was a top campaign adviser during the trump campaign. so he will be here to answer all of the tough questions on "new day" when chris and i see you at the top of the hour. >> that should be something to on look forward to. thank you so much. it is a $2 trillion day on
2:50 am
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republicans offering up a short term spending plan to keep the government funded through next friday. the houses and senate though still have to vote on on the deal before tomorrow's deadline. it is expected to pass both change betters because of two concessions made both by the gop. no funding for president trump's border wall and continued payment of subsidies to low income americans insured through obamacare. breaking overnight, missile strikes near damascus airport, syria military blaming israel. israel neither confirming nor denying, but its intelligence minister telling israel army radio that the missile attack would be, quote, completely
2:55 am
compatible with israel's policy of stopping smuggling of weapons from iran to hezbollah. airlines announcing big changes in the wake of that disturbing incident where are a passenger was dragged off a plane earlier this month. changes include offering up $10,000 to customers who volunteer to give up their seats on on overbooked flights, passengers already in their seats cannot be removed, and crew members will be booked on to flights at least an hour before departure. united hopes these changes will help improve customer satisfaction. so on far none of the employees involved on the initial incident have been fired. hollywood and movie fans paying tribute to jonathan demme who died wednesday after a battle with cancer. his career in film was defined by its versatility. he made dramas, comedy, concert films, though likely best remembered for the homorhorror
2:56 am
e "silence of the lambs." >> i ate his liver with a nice chianti. >> who could ever forget that kri scene. demme followed it up with "philadelphia" that won tom hanks' first oscar. hanks remembering his friend as the grandest of men, jonathan demme was 73. a remarkable cacareer. let's get a check on cnn money stream. global markets mixed, u.s. futures looking like they will move a little higher. wall street fell yesterday after two days of big gains. there were solid earnings, but that was offset by uncertainty over the president's proposed tax cuts. not enough information to sustain the rally. now, the administration may be slashing rates, but gave no specifics how it would be paid for without increasing the
2:57 am
deficit and debt. expectations of a corporate tax cut had fueled a big rally since the election. speaking evof earnings, it is a2 trillion day on on wall street. some of the most highly valued companies issue reports in what will be the busiest day the earnings season. google, amazon, microsoft, comcast, intel, all releasing today. tho together these six companies are worth more than $2 trillion, just a small taste of the big names reporting. earnings season has been strong so far. companies are doing well. of the 181 s&p companies, 77% have done better than wall street expected. the best time to sell a home. homeowners saw a gain of $44,000 since purchase. this is according to report from adam data solutions. low supply is pushing up the
2:58 am
asking price. good news for homeowners. buyers have to step up their game in order to compete. you have been in the housing market. >> for two days. on the market. >> there are for sale signs all over my neighborhood. people trying to buy say they have to put above asking a. >> and in colorado where i'm from, people have almost having to pay cash to compete. >> denver area, record highs above the peak. good luck if you are in the housing market. thanks for joining us. i'm christine romans. >> i'm dave briggs. "new day" starts right now. enjoy. a lot of really good things happened in the first 100 days. >> 44% approve of the president. >> this should be his high water mark. it could be downhill from here.
2:59 am
>> this is going to be the biggest tax cut and largest tax reform in the history of our country. >> the proposals we have seen are proposals to help the wealthy in the nation. >> he is handing the democratic opponents a sword. he will ask people to cut taxes for the rich and show how he will benefit. >> there is a lot of work left to do. this unified government has a solid start. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> welcome viewers from the united states and around the world. this is "new day." 6:00 in new york. up first, the 100-day mark doesn't matter. the white house is pushing to get a big win. the president's tax cut wish list. not a plan because it is unclear how it would work and paid for and whom it would help. agrees to renegotiate nafta with
3:00 am
mexico and canada and pushing for a vote. >> there is a poll to tell you about. president trump has the lowest approval rating of any elected president at the almost 100-day 345 mark. we have a lot to cover on day 98. let's start with cnn's joe johns at the white house. >> reporter: good morning, alisyn. for an administration that has tried to downplay the first 100 days as a ridiculous standard, this administration is working hard to document and orchestrate the president's progress. even going as far as setting up a war room in the west wing to track it. now a flurry of activity in the final days. >> we have a once in a generation opportunity to do something really big. >> reporter: after much hype, the white house revealing a one-page summary of the tax wish li


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